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Lily Pad Recording, formerly located in Chesterfield, MI, has relocated to "Historic Cocoa Village" in Cocoa, Florida.  We are dedicated to helping the independent artist achieve the sound they hear in their head, without depleting their trust funds. You know what you want, we know how to get it. Whether you are a leather bound rocker, or a balladeer, we can help you create the recording that represents your intentions. If you are a band, we will be faithful to your sound. If you are a solo artist we can capture your essence. If you are a solo artist who wants a more orchestrated sound but have no band, or don't play an instrument yourself, no worries, our session performers can bring out the song you want to hear! We can assist with arrangements, and offer years of production experience in virtually every genre. If you are looking for a professional yet relaxed production environment, look no further - Lily Pad Recording will help you realize the sound in your head! Contact us now to book your production!

Pick Up Your Toys - Mark Meisel

"Pick Up Your Toys" is a 12 song album of songs for kids and their parents. The songs are intended to be thought provoking, funny, but uncover truths about being a kid and being a parent. The entire production, from song creation, performance, engineering, mixing, and mastering, was a one-man operation. Mark Meisel hopes you enjoy these songs, and that you will choose Lily Pad Recording for your next recording project! Thanks for listening!

VOLTAGE is a new Detroit based rock band. Their concept: recreate the sound and style of the "glam-rock era. We have just finished production on a 5 song EP. Here's a taste - "It's a Hard Time"

It's a Hard Time

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Rawdogs "Into The Fire" from the film "Hell Jackers" - turn up your sound and rock out!

Lily Producer/Engineer/Musician - Mark Meisel - When I Hug You (Click the Play Button to start - the little arrow in the player)

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