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Kyle Davis - "St James Infirmary" - a classic!

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Track 06

Kyle Davis - "Remember Those Nights"

50s/60s inspired romantic melodrama. It's as if Dion invented guitar distortion! Kyle's self titled debut album is a romp across the universe of musical styles.

Rawdogs - "Into The Fire" - from the feature film "Hell Jackers" --- RAWK!!!!!

Midwest Homegrown Band - "Hooky Song"

Lily Pad's Mark Meisel joined in on Tuba and Kazoo! 

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Can We Go Both Ways

Bobby Pennock - "Can We Go Both Ways"

From his CD "10,000 Stories" Mark Meisel joined in on this track playing a variety of synthesizers.

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07 Shout Out Loud

Rawdogs - "Shout Out Loud" - from their album "Vol. III". Blistering metal meets punk and a taste of funk.

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ds - proc

Michele Parish - "Deal With The Devil" - Michele is a solo singer/songwriter. She worked with Lily Pad Recording to record her debut EP. Lily Pad's Mark Meisel played all instruments except for violin, which was performed by Josh Stokes.

Midwest Homegrown Band - "Road Trip"

From their CD "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Hippyness"

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Going Home

Bobby Pennock - "Going Home"

Also from "10,000 Stories" Mark Meisel can be heard on the organ.

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